Who are we?


Hello, we are a Mexican Studio passoinate for the development of game assets to empower the creation of videogames od any kind.

José Pablo: Director, Programmer

Mariana: QA, Programmer

Diego: Game Music Composition, Musician

In Sindri Studios we want to tranform the development of videogames and interactive content whose application can be, not only entertainment, but communication cientific knowledge, economic development, enviroment simulation and much more.

The story is just beginning!


Music Beat

Music Beat is the audio visualization system you didn't know you need it. Create magnificent audio responsive scenes to help you build wonderful experiences. Our prefabs can be used for any imaginable purpose, from videogames, through concerts and even your own experimental projects. We even have a free demo for you to try.

Pro version

With the pro version you will be able to:

  • Expand from 8 to 16 audio bands
  • Make color responsive to audio
  • Make bloom responsive to audio
  • Make light responsive to audio
  • Make particles responsive to audio
  • Make animations responsive to audio


InfiniTile is the infinite background tool for your game. Create simulated 2D infinite backgrounds for endless runners games in no time! Make your backgrounds as big and fast as you want. No coding required..

Pro version

With the pro version you will be able to:

  • Manage scriptable objects
  • Have multiple levels saved in the editor
  • Handle multi-layer backgrounds

Medieval Music Pack

Medieval Music Pack is a fantasy and medieval music pack with various moods ready for you game. This music pack contains a variety of traditional songs and instrumentals that will set the perfect mood for any game set in a medieval era. From the lively jig of a tavern scene to the somber notes of a funeral march, this music pack has it all.
Bonus: It includes a music manager script for easy usage in any scene.


The music is atmospheric and evocative, and will help create a sense of immersion and adventure for your players. The pack includes a selection of tracks for different game situations, such as exploration, combat, and boss battles.
Each song is divided in multiple loops, bridges, solos, intros and outros.

The music included is divided in different moods:


  • MMP_TaleOfTheTroubadour_Complete
  • MMP_TaleOfTheTroubadour_Lp01
  • MMP_TaleOfTheTroubadour_Lp02+Out
  • MMP_TaleOfTheTroubadour_Lp02
  • MMP_TaleOfTheTroubadour_Out
  • Sad / Epic / Loose

  • MMP_ASongForTheKing_Complete
  • MMP_ASongForTheKing_Lp01_Cell
  • MMP_ASongForTheKing_Lp02_Cell+Bs
  • MMP_ASongForTheKing_Lp03_Bdr
  • MMP_ASongForTheKing_Lp04_Cell
  • Adventure

  • MMP_TheQuestForGlory_Complete
  • MMP_TheQuestForGlory_Lp01
  • MMP_TheQuestForGlory_Lp02
  • MMP_TheQuestForGlory_Lp03+Out
  • MMP_TheQuestForGlory_Lp03
  • Happy / Win

  • MMP_TheMinstrelJourney_Complete
  • MMP_TheMinstrelJourney_In_Bs+Pzz
  • MMP_TheMinstrelJourney_Lp01
  • MMP_TheMinstrelJourney_Lp02
  • Fear

  • MMP_TheUnsungHero_Complete
  • MMP_TheUnsungHero_Lp01
  • MMP_TheUnsungHero_Lp02+Out
  • MMP_TheUnsungHero_Lp02
  • Combat / Epic

  • MMP_TheBattleOfTheLastKnight_Complete
  • MMP_TheBattleOfTheLastKnight_Lp01
  • MMP_TheBattleOfTheLastKnight_Lp02_Ten
  • MMP_TheBattleOfTheLastKnight_Lp03+Out
  • MMP_TheBattleOfTheLastKnight_Lp03
  • MMP_TheBattleOfTheLastKnight_Lp04+Percs01
  • MMP_TheBattleOfTheLastKnight_Lp04+Percs02
  • MMP_TheBattleOfTheLastKnight_Out
  • Hope / Menu / Trailer

  • MMP_ARedeemerShallArise_Complete
  • MMP_ARedeemerShallArise_Lp01
  • MMP_ARedeemerShallArise_Lp01_Hrp
  • MMP_ARedeemerShallArise_Lp02_Hrp+Flt

Music manager capabilities

The asset includes a music manager that allows you to manage the clips included in this asset any moment in your code just by indicating the song name. Play, stop, pause, add to queue, fade in and fade out any track. Personal audio clips can also be controlled by the asset. For specific documentation click here.

Future Road Map

Once you have bought the Medieval Music Pack you will recieve free updates that include:

  • More music tracks
  • Live ops to Music Manager Script


Music composed by Diego Ortiz Oliva


Music Beat

(Audio ON for full experience)


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